The Readers

The members of the Rural Library community are of all ages. Children become involved as soon as they can listen to the stories then borrow the books as soon as they have learnt to read. They love the traditional stories from the Andes. Some children visit the libraries to borrow books e.g. dictionaries to help them with their school work. Adults, young and old, borrow books to help them develop new skills like bee-keeping, weaving techniques and hat making. Books empower the community by providing vital information in the form of legal books, the Peruvian Constitution and environmental books to help the farmers deal with climate change.


Primary School near Cajabamba

Oxford University Press in the UK kindly donated a box of new story books to the Rural Libraries community and they have been distributed to schools with Rural Libraries attached.

The Dictionaries

There was a big demand for spanish dictionaries so Sarah's Rural Libraries raised funds for 500 dictionaries - one for each library. The dictionaries were very well received by all members of the communities.


Jadibamba library.JPG

After school club

The children who attend the after school club in Jadibamba are lucky to have access to books from the Rural Library based on the same site.