Each Rural Library meeting begins with the traditional Andean offering to Pachamama or Mother Earth.

The offering ceremonies, commonly known to the Andean people as, “payments to land or payments to Pachamama” are rituals of the ancestors. The offerings are part of a system of reciprocity between the material world and the spiritual world. The purpose of the ritual is to give back to Mother Earth what she has given you. The coca leaf is an integral part of the offerings to the earth.

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Students from the Higher Pedagogical Institute "Víctor Andrés Belaúnde", of Jaén are carrying out their initial placement with children in First Grade of secondary school at the Immaculate Conception Educational Institution, using the Reading Circles, as a way to meet as a community in our Network of Rural Libraries of Cajamarca.

AuthorHelen Heery

Thanks to all the supporters of Sarah's Rural Library Fund, the new books from the 2017 Christmas campaign have arrived. The books from the series Leo y Escribo (I read and write), include the anti-war poem Masaby Peru’s famous poet, Cesar Vallejo - When war kills people indiscriminately, will anyone remain on earth to say 'Stop killing!'?


And Los ojos de Gabi (Through the eyes of Gabi) by Alfredo Mires Ortiz, which breaks down barriers to disability by telling the true story of Gabi, a little girl with cerebral palsy who has a unique way of communicating through her smile. All of the drawings originate from Andean rock carvings, rock paintings, and ceramics, and all are from Cajamarca.

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The books include additional pages for the readers of the Rural Libraries to write their own words inspired by the different themes. They hope to be able to publish more in this series of creative journals. Go to the Donate page if you would like to help fund this.

AuthorHelen Heery